Saturday, May 16, 2015



its kind of weird when we become friend again.. even though i started it first..i don't know what to say but 1 thing i sure that it will make me calm is that, FATE.

such a long days, or years without contacting each other.. (reminiscence) HAHA..
no heart feeling okay. it just a write up bout the past i guess.

someone still needs you.. just go and find her.. i don't know whether u read or not this entry, but if already read it, please.. think about it :)

its hard to find someone that really suits you in life, but it doesn't matter how hard it is, i'm sure there  is a way to find it..

finding a perfect person is none in the world.. what we can do is try to complement each other. otherwise, you will loose what you supposed to have :)

reading the text, it makes me realized, believe in faith.. and my heart says it is not belong to me.. :)
make a du'a for both of you from a distance..

P/s : sometimes, the best thing in the world is to let the things go.. and i let it go.. friends? yes, that is me..always hearing your heartbeat..

always bear in mind :)

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