Saturday, May 16, 2015



its kind of weird when we become friend again.. even though i started it first..i don't know what to say but 1 thing i sure that it will make me calm is that, FATE.

such a long days, or years without contacting each other.. (reminiscence) HAHA..
no heart feeling okay. it just a write up bout the past i guess.

someone still needs you.. just go and find her.. i don't know whether u read or not this entry, but if already read it, please.. think about it :)

its hard to find someone that really suits you in life, but it doesn't matter how hard it is, i'm sure there  is a way to find it..

finding a perfect person is none in the world.. what we can do is try to complement each other. otherwise, you will loose what you supposed to have :)

reading the text, it makes me realized, believe in faith.. and my heart says it is not belong to me.. :)
make a du'a for both of you from a distance..

P/s : sometimes, the best thing in the world is to let the things go.. and i let it go.. friends? yes, that is me..always hearing your heartbeat..

always bear in mind :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bawang ouh Bawang


fuh fuh fuuhhhhh...
berhabuk, berdebuuuu
action ja lebih, xdak org baca pun aihhh.. :)

after a long period of time.. finally i'm partially finished my bachelor.. alhamdulillah..
susah oii.. tapi sape cakap ade benda senang ye dok ^_^

sekarang dh berada kat home sweet home.. yeahh
perasaan tu xleh gambaq weyy cam mana
xde kena mengena ngan tajuk pun hahaha..

actually bawang sebab rindu anak murid oiii..
4 bulan praktikal rase mcm kejap ja.. (padahal guling2 nak balik) okeyh propa je..
serius.. rindu dorang..
"Teacher, nak bawak handbag," 
"Teacher nak bawak buku."
"Ustazah nak tolong."
"Cikgu jom badminton."

rindu..soobss T___T
ok dah, may Allah lindungi korang sume ea. ticer doakan semua berjaya.. mmmuah ciked.. :-*

p/s: teaching is not my passion, (before) but now i'm miss my kids.. :'( that means i started to love this field..

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